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HPL (High Pressure Laminate) fronts

HPL (High Pressure Laminate) fronts are the most durable in the market place and can produced In a variety of designs:

  • HPL on chipboard core with solid wood edges applied before pressing with consecutive spindle of edge profile
  • Alternatively with ABS-edges applied after pressing

HPL designs, colours and performances are stocked in a wide range of options. The fronts are typically supplied ” kitchen wise” to required individual sizes and quantities
Ask for our colour-swatches – and/or click on photos below to see some of our stock options

Plain HPL-frontsare supplied in either 17,4 or 19 mm thicknesses
HPL “J-handle” fronts are supplied in either 19 or 22 mm thicknesses

Standard colours from our stock-swatch 

Below HPL-colours are stocked and may be used for fronts with either solid wood or ABS-edges:

W450 white

ARAP138 white

F2296 white

406LUC white high gloss

F6466 off grey

F7961 grey

F2770 grey

F6467 antracite

879LUC antracite high gloss

F6468 black

F0187/K1834 cashmere

F7853 mince green

F7884 off blue

F1485 yellow

F1238/K1238 red

F3210/K3210 orange

Fenix 0029 white

Fenix 0718 grey

Fenix 0720 black





Fenix 0724 dark grey

Fenix 0750 green

fenix 0751 red

Fenix 0754 blue

HPL fronts with solid wood edges are supplied as required in all available wood species and thicknesses to conform to required edge profile or edge radius All HPL-fronts may be supplied “kitchen wise” to required sizes and quantities

HPL-front with solid wood edge

HPL “J-handle” fronts in 22 mm with white laminate W450

HPL front with full stop ”J-handle” with Fenix laminate


HPL Fenix-laminate front with full stop “J-handle” on a 22 mm chipboard

Laminate with oak edge




HPL ”J-handle” fronts with oak edges

HPL ”J-handle” front with black-stained oak edges

HPL plain fronts with ABS edges are made with small pencil-edges
Edges are available in a variety of colours and may be supplied “kitchen wise” to required sizes and quantities

HPL plain front with ABS-edge/alu-coloured

Plain HPL front with ABS-edge