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Melamine doors

Melamine-faced doors consist of Melamine-coated chiboard (MFC) and are the most cost effective fronts in the market place. MFC is available in numerous design and color choices. 0.8 mm ABS-edges to match as well as in plywood feature, black as well as in alu-look (the latter ones though in 2 mm thickess.

Production-runs start up on a bi-weekly basis subject to an agreed delivery schedule.

Melamine doors with ABS edge

MFC-fronts and accessories typically supplied on a “kitchen-wise” basis. Please ask for swatches of standard/stock items and click photos below to view our some of our selection. Available in 10 and 16 mm thickness. (except Nos. 18 and 27 which are available only in 16mm)

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Nr. 10
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Nr. 16

Nr. 17
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Nr. 27
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