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New since 2020

Leif Pedersen 60 years th. 8. oct 2020





Summer 2020 – The 22-year-old lacquer travers plant was replaced

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January 2020 – New Fenix colours added so we now have a total of 7 designs as standard – as well as new 22mm grip front with “full-stop” routed handle

FENIX laminate

Benefits by using FENIX:

  • Low degree of reflection
  • Super matt
  • Feels silky-soft to touch
  • Virtually no fingerarks or similar when touched
  • Highly durable
  • Highest resistant to wear and tear
  • Antibacterial properties

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Fenix 0029 White

Fenix 0718 grey

Fenix 0720 black

Fenix 0724 Dark Grey NEW

Fenix 0750 Green NEW

Fenix 0751 Red NEW

Fenix 0754 Blue NEW

Laminate fronts with “full stop” handle in 22mm

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