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Veneered fronts, accessories and components

Veneered fronts available in 2 versions:

  • • Flat veneered on chipboard with veneered edges (- not • available “kitchen wise”)
  • • Flat veneered on chipboard with solid wood edges (over-veneered), alternatively combined with routed • “J-handles” or similar

The fronts are supplied in commonly available wood- and veneer species, horizontal or vertical grain structure. Fronts may furthermore be supplied stained/tinted/lacquered to match required finish. Click on photos below to see examples and our ranges.

Chipboard flat veneered with veneered edges applied after veneering with arrissed edges.

Veneer with veneered edges

Fronts are supplied with wood species and stained/lacquered to requirement
(- these are not supplied “kitchen wise”)

Chipboard flat veneered over solid wooden edge with options of larger edge-profiles, handles etc. Fronts suppled in wood species and finished as required. Only 22 mm “J-handles” available “kitchen wise”. Please find below further available options:

Veneer with solid wooden edgings

Veneer with ”J handles”

Flat veneered or ”J handle” with brushed (rustical) surface.

Veneer with brushed surface

Please note that ”brushed” surfaces not available “kitchen wise”