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Product ranges

Extensive programmes for ”kitchen-set” supplies, starting up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis:

HPL-Laminate fronts

High Pressure Laminates on chipboard and solid wood edgings or ABS-edgings 

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Painted MDF fronts

MDF fronts, CNC-routed and lacquered

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MFC ”Deco-fronts” in various patterns

Deco-series in 19 mm Melamine faced chipboard (MFC) w/ABS edgings

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Melamine fronts in Melamine Faced Chipboard with ABS-edgebanding


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Veneered items

Veneeered fronts with ”J-handle”


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Deco ”PerfectSense”

Deko ”PerfectSense” on chipboard with ABS-edgings

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Solid wood

Fronts and components made in solid wood

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Subcontracting work

Subcontracting work with large beamsaw, edging equipment, sophisticated CNC-jobs and hot pressing of large High Pressure Laminates

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