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About SGS-Doors A/S

SGS-Doors A/S (abbr. for Snedker Gaarden Sunds) was established by Leif Pedersen in 1995, initially manufacturing various types of joinery, turning and furniture work and, in parallel, primarily HPL-laminate doors for several Danish kitchen manufacturers. The latter activity developed for “a la carte” set-up, i.e. kitchen-wise supply in sizes and quantities to the exact and individual requirements of the kitchen manufacturer, so that “just-in-time” is being provided in order to minimize the kitchen manufacturers’ need for costly and imbalanced stocks of “incorrect” door sizes and quantities.

The idea has been successfully maintained and substantially developed over recent years. Controlled growth has meant that the production area was gradually expanded, especially with a greater investment in board cutting equipment. Most recently, in 2009, SGS-Doors A/S then bought Denmark’s largest kitchen door manufacturing plant in Ikast (prev. SKOUHUS Fronts) with 34.500 square feet of production area under roof with additional business land to potentially expand to at least double the size. The relocation of production facilities and investments in the latest CNC and bord cutting technology was implemented in 2013.

The acquisition has led to the production of larger series in particular painted MDF doors for the kitchen and furniture industry. However, the idea of developing the “a la carte” and “just-in-time” concept remains a top priority and the door program for this segment is being extended week by week and month by month, which over the past few years has resulted in SGS-Doors now being among the leading Scandinavian manufacturers of kitchen and cabinet doors. Exports to Norway and Sweden, together with exports to the UK/Germany, account for more than 35% of the total turnover.

It is SGS-Door’s certain business aim on a “B-t-B” basis to produce customer-designed door designs, as well as special products for other interior design tasks making up a significant part of the production. Investment and purchase of modern production facilities combined with robots in recent years makes this objective highly realistic. Our customers are, obviously, the most important part of this objective!